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BulksmsNagpur.co.in is a leading Bulk SMS Company with wireless application service offering two-way SMS messaging services. We have a wide ranging experience of more than 12 years in online advertising, search engine marketing, and promotions through new media technologies. We have expertise in utilizing the emerging technologies like mobile & internet for communication processes, business organization, branding & marketing.

     We do all types of Bulk sms campaign, sms Advertising, Promotion of products launching, election campaign etc. We have premium route & normal sms route with us with different prices & packages. We have Voice sms & Shortcode services with us @ best rates. Bulk e-mail for marketing.

Company Products & Services

(Send sms in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, etc languages)
Long sms facility up to 459 characters
Bulk mail facility
We are the Bulk SMS Aggregator
Bulk sms service Nagpur
Bulk sms Maharashtra
Bulk sms India
Best IVRS Services
OPEN DND Available
Providing Unique business solution

Important Note For DND

DNC/ DND Mobile Numbers registered
at NDNC registry (National Do Not Call)
are auto filtered (blocked) at our
fast sms gateway to send
bulk sms from internet to avoid
any legal hassles as per
TRAI for promotional sms.
We request you to do not
send promotional sms through
our sms gateway or your a/c will bloked.

We provide Bulk SMS Marketing
Service in

Nagpur, Mumbai, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh,
Delhi, Kolkatta, Kerala, Karnataka,
Chennai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar,
Banglore, Ahmedabad, Bangalore,
Bihar, Andra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,
Orissa, Jharkhand, Chandigarh,
Hyderabad, Indore, Goa, Gurgaon,
Manipur, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh,
West Bengal, Rajasthan, Sikkim,
Lucknow & many more States & cities

Benefits of sending BULK SMS

Reach to maximum prospects by using bulk sms service with Cheap Bulk SMS costing.
Bulk sms also use for election purposes, campaign, promotions of your products etc.
We have the best control panel/tool for sending bulk sms, a very user friendly interface.
Send bulk sms to group at just one click, best way to keep your staff informed by using Bulk SMS.
Run Bulk SMS Campaign or use sms service for various purposes.
Send Bulk SMS online by using ur PC/Desktop for mobile advertising.
Instant delivery with our multiple sms gateways with all the details, Delivery to all the operators in India.

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Bulk SMS Gateway Provider
Instant Activation on purchase.
No hidden costs or setup fee

Unique Sender ID Branding
No monthly maintenance costs.
 Transactional sms services
with templates based option &
sender id of 6 Digit Charaters.  

The changes in the rates & validity can be changed if there is any new rule launched by TRAI, OPERATORS. Terms & Conditions apply. All rights reserved.

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